Friday, December 21, 2012

Online Eyeglass Fun

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Glasses.  Me and glasses.  We don't go together very well.  I got my first pair when I was 16.  My mom's friend who worked for the optometrist helped me pick them out.  I was too young and impressionable to speak my mind so I ended up with a pair of eyeglasses that I wasn't crazy about.

When I was in college I eventually ventured out and bought me a new pair of glasses.  I LOVED 'EM!!  Unfortunately, I didn't own them for very long before I lost them when I was on a trip with friends.  I even went back to where I bought them from, but they had discontinued that frame.  Of course!

Then I became a mom and discovered that young ones can be brutal on eye glasses.  I don't know how many pairs I have gone through in the last two and a half years, but it's ridiculous!  Needless to say as a busy mom it's difficult to make it to an optometrist every time I need a new pair and EXPENSIVE.

This is when I discovered online eyeglass companies.  Sure it can be intimidating to order glasses online, but these companies are getting smart and have fantastic tools to help you virtually try on the glasses. Just check out the Virtual Mirror Feature from

I had a blast with it!

And this one had some features that were superior to other websites.  This one you can upload a picture and rotate it so your eyes are level as well as change the size of the image.  Some sites require you to use a photo you take with your webcam.  Uploading an existing photo was very desirable to me, as I'm not crazy about how my swollen pregnant face is photographing these days.

Another thing I liked about their site was the Virtual Optician that helps you select frames.  You can do it by frame features, measurements or your personality to help find a pair of frames you'll love!

And for you my dear readers they are offering some discounts. 

Take 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50). Code: FS15
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10
Check 'em out and have some fun with the Virtual Mirror!

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