Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funny Family Moments #1

I've decided to start a new feature on my blog.  I guess technically it's my first.  :)  I'm calling it Funny Family Moments.  Between my little girl, my hubby and myself, there are plenty of funny moments around here so I thought I'd start sharing some of them.  They won't necessarily have anything to do with quilting, sewing, crocheting, furniture or any of the other topics I usually blog about, but hopefully they will give you a good laugh.

The other morning I went to change my daughter's morning diaper after getting her out of bed.  She was wearing a one piece sleeper that zips up and has the little button flap at the top.  As I was unzipping it I felt something kind of hard by her diaper.  What the... it was one of her pacis.  She had stuffed it clear down by her diaper. I know she didn't unzip herself, put it there, then zip back up because while she can unzip herself, she doesn't have the zip up part mastered yet.  THEN, as I was pulling her legs out of her pjs, another paci fell out that was by her upper leg.  


How did she do that?!  And it couldn't have been comfortable.

What's makes this story even funnier is where she picked up this tendency to stuff things down her shirt and pjs (yes, we find pacis in her shirt on a regular basis).  

It's from my mother.  

When she's working around the house she keeps her cell phone stuffed in her bra.  My little one has seen her pull it from it's hiding place on several occasions.  So now she's taken to trying to put things down her shirt for safe keeping. 

Oh, and it doesn't stop there.  Sometimes she'll try to put things down my shirt.  Like the remote control.

Oh, my mother. :)  I'm sure this is just the first of funny things she'll be teaching my little one.

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