Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Funny Family Moment #2

I couldn't resist posting about this one.  Warning: graphic content dealing with diapers. :)

Unfortunately my daughter has developed the habit of putting her hands down her diaper.  We correct it, we distract, but they still end up down there.  Sometimes when my husband corrects her she whines and turns to me like, "mommy, daddy's being mean!" To her disappointment I back up her father.

Today I knew she was stinky and just about to change her when I saw she had her hands down her diaper again.  I RUSHED to change her then.  Nothing worse then the mess spreading because she gets it on her hands.

Well when I went to change the diaper I found a surprise in it.  A 2 GB thumb drive.  Apparently she's taken to stuffing things in her diaper now!  What am I going to do!


  1. Oh dear, I hope there was nothing really important on that thumb drive!

  2. How funny! It's amazing what a busy little one will get into....and faster than you can imagine!

  3. Our almost 3 year old started putting her hands down in her diapers. So gross. I hope she doesn't start putting stuff in there.

    Maybe your daughter thinks she is a kangaroo? ;)

  4. Oh my! That is hilarious and disgusting all at the same time. Good luck with that one! :)

  5. I guess it is back to oneseys LOL


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