Saturday, April 14, 2012

Greeted by Spring

Well we're back from another great trip to the Oregon Coast.  I miss it already.  If you'd like to see some beautiful pictures from past trips to Oregon you should check out this post.  (That is of course if you haven't already.)  Sometime in the upcoming weeks I'll share pics from my trip, but for now look at what greeted us when we pulled into the driveway at 1:45 am this morning!

Spring started to pop-up while we were gone.  I love it!

All of this...

and this...

and this...

My Flowering Pear trees are actually flowering this year!
Is why I probably won't be posting as many projects on my blog over the next few months.  Much more of my time will be spent outside spraying weeds, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, planting vegetables and flowers, playing in the sandbox with my little one, get the picture.  I love my sewing machine and my inside projects, but it's so hard to ignore the beautiful sunny days.

She definitely enjoys spending time outside.  I think she would live out there if we would let her.  Several times a day she brings me her shoes and says "Bye bye?  Go?  Bye?"

She thinks the cats are her playmates and the dog her equal.  One day I heard her giggling her little head off.  When I looked to see what she was doing she was sitting on the dog.  Surprisingly he was dealing with it quite well.

I hope Spring has found you wherever you are at!

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