Monday, November 7, 2011

Baking - A 3 Strikes Weekend

It won't be often that I post regarding baking, but this weekend my kitchen seemed destined to end up on the blog.

It began with making blondies for my husband and three nephews that were spending the evening with us. This is one of my "I always have the ingredients and can quickly throw it together" recipes. I did add too much baking soda and powder at first, but I got that snag worked out and continued on. Imagine my surprise when no matter how long I put them in the oven, the top baked and the bottom was doughy. I attributed it to my flub with the powder and soda and considered it a "composition" error.

The next day I was trying out a recipe for Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread. Same thing happened. Crisp top and doughy bottom. Which was a bummer because I was really excited to see how this bread would turn out.

I was frustrated (and late for a family party). Not wanting to show up empty handed I pulled out a cookie mix someone had given us and whipped 'em up. It should have taken them 12 minutes at most to bake: 20 minutes later they were finally slightly browning.

I finally realized the problem was my oven and not me! :) Anyone feel like fixing an oven for me?

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