Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Works in Progress - 5.30

Another week, and no projects completed.  I'm SO close on some though.

Nothing new on my baby bear cocoon.  Maybe I'll work on it tonight...

1.  I was hoping to finish putting together my ladder book shelf today, but found I didn't quite have enough hardware.  I was able to get all but one shelf on.  SO CLOSE!!  The wood I used was trash wood (literally, my husband took it out of the trash at work) so it's not the best quality.  I think I might want to distress it, since it already has a used look to it.  What methods of distressing do you like to use?

2. I don't have pictures of my progress on the children's bench.  But I did manage to get two of the three metal pieces sand blasted.  One more to go, and then I'll need to paint/seal them.

3. And I finished one more block for my Retro Flowers Quilt.

I thought I was going to be able to move my Zig Zag Quilt over to the finished column today, BUT, when I went to sew the binding I didn't have a color of thread that I liked for it.

I did get it quilted and the binding sewed on one side.

Again, SO CLOSE!!


  1. Love the zig zag quilt! Your ladder is very nice, I have used reclaimed wood also for projects. Distressing it will be real nice,maybe another coat of paint in another color and then sand some off to see both colors.

  2. I love your zig zag quilt! I love the mixture of prints in each color. And your quilting job is awesome! Beautiful!

  3. All very nice projects! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I bet you're going to have so many finished things by next week! These are all looking great! I love the ladder shelf!

  5. Busy close but hey you are making progress!

    Happy Sewing

  6. Ahh, so close! lol. It's a really pretty quilt. And I like your ladder shelf! I haven't done any distressing before, but I'd probably just sand it lightly in the spots where it would naturally wear. :)

  7. The zig zag quilt is gorgeous. I love the prints you chose, the colours and the quilting... beautiful!

  8. they will all be finished soon. Hopping over from the bloglovin hop. Following you on bloglovin now xo

  9. I ADORE the zigzag quilt!!! GREAT job!!!


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